Giving back to your community is such an important way to maintain a positive mindset! Two organizations that Alexis actively supports are Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide. When you are busy helping and thinking about others, it can provide perspective too.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

I feel very fortunate to be competing at Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen pageant in June this year! This year, I will be attending as Miss State Fair of Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2018, a local title won at State Fair last September, which has been an amazing experience thanks to many generous sponsors and a local director and team who have been so kind and supportive to all the girls on this team. It’s our turn to give back and we are all raising funds to support our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I hope you will join me in touching the lives of children with childhood cancers and blood disorders today, by clicking the “Support Me” button to make a secure donation. We will also continue with our CMNH Bake Sales between now and the week of June 18th when we’ll be in Lynchburg competing, so whether you’d like to simply donate or buy baked goods, we genuinely appreciate your love and support for this important cause. Thank you and blessings for your help with making miracles happen for these children!

[button size=”large” target=”_blank” hover_type=”default” text_align=”center” text=”Support Me” link=”https://www.maoteen4kids.org/participant/Alexis-Watkinson” color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#33cccc” hover_background_color=”#66cccc” border_radius=”3″ border_color=”#33cccc” hover_border_color=”#66cccc”]
Alexis making an appearance to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

While making an appearance at a local school, we met a child who received care from a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital!

Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide

APTW is a remarkable national non-profit organization that mobilizes, trains, and empowers people worldwide by educating and teaching proven strategies and techniques for achieving positive thinking. APTW is dedicated to coaching people, especially women and young ladies on how to realize their own inherent power, as positive thinkers, so that they can become empowered to help themselves! I hope you will consider the significance of APTW’s mission and join their national sponsors in supporting them!

[button size=”large” target=”_blank” hover_type=”default” text_align=”center” text=”Visit APTW Website” link=”https://www.achievingpositivethinkingworldwide.org/home” color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#33cccc” hover_background_color=”#66cccc” border_radius=”3″ border_color=”#33cccc” hover_border_color=”#66cccc”]