Thanks for taking a moment to visit my website and to join me in my journey to spread the word about the Power of Positive Thinking!

My passion for sharing the message about the Power of Positive Thinking started with a public speech on a topic of my choice. I identified with the concept of positive thinking, but found that while there was a plethora of adult material on this topic, there was not much available for teens. I wanted to help bridge this gap, and share this valuable information with other young people.

When I started training in the MAOT system a few years back, it was an easy decision to make The Power of Positive Thinking my platform. Since then, I have been blessed with the opportunity and privilege to represent Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW), as their Teen Ambassador. APTW is a remarkable national non-profit organization that mobilizes, trains, and empowers people worldwide by educating and teaching proven strategies and techniques for achieving positive thinking. APTW identifies challenges in the community and by hosting workshops and other community events, this organization helps people take affirmative steps that are grounded in positive thinking, to address those challenges. APTW is also dedicated to coaching people, especially women and young ladies, on how to realize their own inherent power, as positive thinkers, so that they can become empowered to help themselves.

I have made appearances and shared my message with elementary school students, special interest clubs, and young ladies in pageant training workshops. I try to use fun examples and pictures that will appeal to my audience, and I show them how to get started with brain exercises that will lead to a sustainable positive mindset. And I love to explain how volunteering in our communities, in any way, is an effective way to reinforce what each of us should be grateful for in our lives, and how we will feel when we serve others in need.

About Me

I am rising senior at The Potomac School, in McLean, VA. Founded in 1904, The Potomac School believes that the intellectual development, love of learning, and strength of character are complementary, and equally essential to educational goals. With a firm commitment to its core values and a rigorous academic program, the school prepares students to lead lives of purpose, achievement and generosity of spirit. I have been honored to serve as a student elected leader of our GSA Club, and planned a safe and successful junior prom by volunteering on the Prom Committee this year. Over the Summer, I will be busy planning for my leadership role as an Emcee of the Upper School weekly assemblies this coming year and visiting schools that I am considering for college. I enjoy playing flute and piccolo in our school band, and love to do competitive dance with Studio Bleu, which I do in lieu of school sports thanks to Potomac’s support for this externally sponsored sport. Potomac School does not publish GPAs or student rankings, and only offers recognition of academic efforts/results to graduating seniors. The school is rated #1 best college prep private high school in Virginia by Niche.com.

I have a variety of interests. I have been playing the flute for 10 years, and this past year, I founded and lead a flute choir, “Show the Flow.” Show the Flow, along with guest artists, love to perform music at senior living centers, and arrange benefits concerts to raise funds/awareness for selected causes. All of us really enjoy doing this because we feel our inner harmony coordinating with the performances we are delivering and we hope that the people who attend our performances feel the same way! I also founded the Great Falls chapter of Lion’s Heart Service organization, which connects teens with local, non-profit volunteer opportunities and track their volunteer hours, awards, and leadership in a shareable digital portfolio. Through participation in this organization, I earned the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and have all of my volunteer hours validated and available for colleges and future employers to view online. This past year, I led Back to School backpack drives for local area children in need, dressed our entire family up as characters from Moana to collect and distribute school supplies and candy in the Gaithersburg Parade (this was our 4th year!), and led our team to participate in a community event with 800 supporters that collected 12,000 pounds of food and pantry supplies, plus nearly $3,000 in grocery gift cards in the Complete the Circle FOODRaiser event.

When I am not in school or volunteering, you’ll find me taking dance classes at Studio Bleu, which hosts its own community projects and efforts, including Dance4aCure and “Adopt a Family” holiday opportunities, both of which I have really enjoyed participating in for several years now. You might also find me doing my daily workout routine in our gym, or going for a run alone or with my Dad. Or you could also find me relaxing at home, listening to my vinyl records and spending quality time with my family and our pets. We have a Pomeranian named Cappucino, and two birds, a cockatiel named Pikachu (turned out to be a girl!) and Jelly Bean, our tiny parrotlet.

I am very interested in learning more about what makes the human brain function as it does. The human brain is the most complex living structure in the known universe and scientists still have not uncovered the full extent of what our brains can do. But based on brain imaging studies, called SPECT, we do know that retraining your brain is completely possible, and that injured or damaged brains can be rehabilitated, which is really heartening to know. This Summer, I am taking a class at Boston College on Psychiatry, and I hope to pursue the study of Neuroscience, which is the study of how the nervous system develops and what it does. This area of study also examines what happens to the nervous system when people have neurological, psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade! We handed out school supplies!

Show the Flow Benefit Concert! We collected Toys for Tots!