We Think Positive | positive INVOLVEMENT
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Alexis is regularly involved in local community service activities and projects.  When she is presenting on her platform, the Power of Positive Thinking, Alexis talks about the benefits of serving others in her local community – you are giving back to people who need your help and that makes you feel good too.

MS150 City to Shore Bike Ride

Ever since I can remember, I have been supporting my Dad, as he prepares for and rides in this 150 mile journey each year.  I have helped with taking photos, videos, and making trailers to help my Dad raise money and he has been a top 10 fundraiser each year.  In 2015, I trained to ride with him, but Hurricane Joaquin cancelled our ride!  This year is our year!!!

LabCandy – Changing the Faces of Science

A few years ago, I was invited to help a school friend’s sister by “modeling” fun colored lab coats and blinged-out goggles.  LabCandy, a Yale Entrepreneurial Institute start-up, was holding the photo shoot right on their campus.  The goal was to help keep more girls in STEM studies by making them feel more comfortable in the lab.  Check it out – www.labcandy.com.  It really worked – my younger sister decided to become an inventor based on that one experience!!!