We Think Positive | ALEXIS WATKINSON
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Thanks for taking a moment to visit my website and to join me in my journey to spread the word about the Power of Positive Thinking!

My passion for sharing this started with a spokesmodel speech that I did for Miss American Coed pageant systems a few years ago at Nationals.  It was my first spokesmodel speech, and I was definitely nervous about delivering it.  But I felt strongly about my message and could not believe it when I actually PLACED!!!  That was my first lesson in thinking positive!

The research I did for that speech and the message helped me again a year later, when I didn’t make one of the sports teams I tried out for at school.  There was nothing positive about that.  :  – (  But with a fair bit of practice, determination, and the Power of Positive Thinking, I was able to make that team the following year!

I am currently a sophomore at The Potomac School, where I enjoy playing flute and piccolo in the band, and love to dance with Studio Bleu, a competitive dance school in Ashburn, VA.  Last Fall, I was crowned Miss Greater Prince William County’s Outstanding Teen 2017, which has been an amazing opportunity for me to get out and share my message about the Power of Positive Thinking with other young ladies.

I have made appearances and shared my message with other young ladies in pageant training workshops and for one of the special interest clubs, comprised of young ladies at my school.  I try to use fun examples and pictures that will appeal to my audience, and I show them how to get started with brain exercises that will lead to a sustainable positive mindset.  And I love to explain how volunteering in our communities, in any way, is an effective way to combat the blues.

Miss Greater Prince William County