We Think Positive | Alexis Watkinson Miss Cardinal's Outstanding Teen 2016
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Connect with Alexis on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to be inspired by her Positive Inspirations!

Alexis likes to use social media to post her thoughts, reactions and items that she sees and wants to share with community that will provide positive inspirations for her audience.

Serving Breakfast at Church to raise money for Work Camp

Leading by example, Alexis is regularly involved in local community service activities and projects.

When Alexis is presenting on her platform, the Power of Positive Thinking, she talks about the benefits of serving others in her local community – you are giving back to people who need your help and that makes you feel good too.

Alexis is helping others in need by filling decorated shoeboxes with necessities and a positive message.

Project Shoebox is an ongoing community service effort started by Alexis and her sister in 2014 to make a positive impact. The shoeboxes are decorated with duct tape, stickers, and a positive message.

Alexis is raising awareness through Positive Contributions throughout the community.

Alexis enjoys making POSITIVE Contributions to her community, whether it is making an appearance to speak about her platform, or raising money and awareness for a worthwhile cause.